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Ten Easy Tips for Creating Sacred Space

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Creating a sacred space—a safe and productive space that feeds your soul—is an important self-care skill. You don’t have to use the top trends in home décor or even spend a lot of money in order to create sacred space. In fact, you can probably create sacred space where you are with things you already own. With a little mindfulness and the intention to engage all your senses, you can create sacred space quickly and easily.

Here’s a list of ways to claim the space for your own self-care while considering and engaging each of your five senses.

1. Smell

a. Light a scented candle. Pick a high-quality candle from a brand that uses EU standards for fragrances. Settle in and enjoy.

b. Clean and deodorize your sacred space. Relaxation, productivity and personal healing are all more difficult in a space that smells like a dirty locker room or wet dog. Use toxin-free cleaning products and fragrances. You can use good candles as suggested earlier or use fabric spray, a melt warmer or other deodorizing home fragrance products.

2. Sight

a. Arrange fresh cut flowers in your space. Even a hotel room can be made cheerier with a grocery-store bouquet arranged in a simple mason jar or inexpensive vase.

b. Add some of your favorite art in colors that comfort and inspire you. This might be a simple art print, a large statement piece or something you created that brings you joy. If you travel a lot, you might bring a small, framed photo or piece of art to set on an end table wherever you stay.

3. Sound

a. Add a water feature. The sound of water is comforting to many people. One great way to improve your living space is by adding a small decorative fountain, getting a fish tank or even purchasing a running-water fountain for your pets.

b. Bring calming music into your space. Whether you enjoy classical music, jazz or new age tunes, find a way to incorporate these soothing sounds into your space. Rather than listen using earbuds or headphones, fill your entire space by using a quality speaker system. Affordable options can be found online if needed.

4. Touch

a. Incorporate comforting textures in your surroundings. Chunky knits, corduroy, flannel, linen and velvet all have one thing in common: They appeal to our sense of touch. We love to feel these textiles. While sanctifying your space, add these types of textiles using throw pillows, curtains or blankets.

b. Add living plants to your space to engage the sense of touch and other senses. If you are new to houseplants, pick something that requires little care and attention. The broad, cool leaves of a philodendron are pleasant to the touch. An aloe vera plant offers healing balm for the skin.

5. Taste

a. Tuck a few healthy snacks into a bureau drawer, place them on a table or pack them into a decorative basket in your sacred space. Free-trade chocolate, nuts and dried fruit all make excellent tasty treats for a sacred space.

b. Create a drink station of some sort in your space. This might be as simple as keeping an electric kettle and tea bags handy. You might set up a water cooler and add fresh fruit to it for tasty refreshment. If a glass of wine at the end of your day is a healthy and positive routine for you, perhaps keep a beautiful decanter on a nearby shelf or table.

The primary key to creating and maintaining a sacred space for healing and self-reflection is mindfulness. By paying attention to the feedback from your five senses, you can create sacred space anywhere.

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